Misaki Motor Co

The Misaki Motor Co or MMC, or just Misaki, is an Asian brand that was started in 1953. Their first cars were only sold in Japan but had low sale numbers. They focused on being “something different”, but in the 2000s they slowly became more generic.

Images; explanations of cars pictured will be in lower posts

Sakura beside a classic U1

“1st” gen Densetsu beside a 2nd gen

Haruko family, left to right : 4th gen, 2nd gen, 1st gen, 3rd gen and 5th gen

Sedate sedan & Venus hatch


smol mirror intensifies

Not a lot of power, and not very refined either - in fact such a high-displacement, low-specific-output powerplant is an anachronism in this day and age when fitted to a crossover the size of the new Haruko.

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What would be a more realistic power?

250 horsepower from a 2.0L turbo I4 would be more appropriate for it - it would also improve refinement, efficiency and emissions, while saving weight to boot.

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also just realized the amount of blue in this post

Quick build because writing paragraphs is hard and I’m lazy

This is the 1992 Misaki SDR standing for Sand, Dirt and Rock. It offered a torquey I4 and an sporty V6


very cool and good.


Strange… One looks Japanese and one looks American. Lol

Lol, The blue is for an company I’ve yet to make enough cars to warrant a thread


… Did a thing

The side mirrors though.

Stock version, the Criterion. Boasting an ultra luxury ride and all the quirks and features a man named Doug could ask for.

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you have earned my like with one thing, and one thing only; the grille. yes. the grille. it reminds me of the old cutlass my aunt had.
The cutlass was a beater but really reliable. dont know why she sold it.
Come to think of it, cant even find out what exact model it was.
But that doesnt matter. all that matters is that it was the first 70’s/80’s economy sedan that didint hurt my back when i sat down in it.

more mirrors, less accidents!!! its great logic if you think about it!
-the 3rd grader next to you