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Here is where I dump random designs that aren’t meant to be realistic and/or don’t fit my brands (video game recreations, crazy builds, what-ifs, etc.)

A recreation of the Saiyo Andromeda GT from DT Racer


This is close enough to its inspiration, and it looks track-ready out of the box.

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2020 LDM Fury

My first attempt at an ARM, specifically ARM24


Recreation of the Lizard Detector from Ridge Racer Type 4.

The first car I built in Automation was supposed to be a Detector but I was still a noob then so it became something else, which I sadly lost as I didn’t back it up when moving from UE4_24 to UE4_27

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If I remember correctly, the Detector is one of three cars from Lizard whose base model is in Class 2 (the other two being the Wisdom and Officer).

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Yep, and the lower end Lizard cars for Class 3 and 4 (the Colleague and Tamer) are essentially modified Detectors, the Tamer bascially being a Detector with the rear end of a Chaparral 2J

Lizard Ignition recreation

Forgot to give credit to who made the high rez Lizard logos

Logo made by FDpon

Lizard lettering by l570zs

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The Ignition is Lizard’s flagship Class 3 offering, but it appears to have no headlights, only foglights. The Corvette Indy and CERV concepts that inspired it, however, were fitted with retractable headlights. But why is the Ignition so heavy?

Yeah, the weight was oversight on my part. Oops.

Also the CERV III is one of my favorite concept cars.