MLC 1 (completed, MLC 2 is up)


The perfect car for Kalan.

I’m specially selecting a rattling mix of the most extravagant and overcharged cars in order to understand if it would be possible, in the course of the experiment, to create a superior car out of the friendly plush assortment that Automation offered in the vast majority of cases.

The task is set very unclearly and tolerantly. So it’s completely unknown what the output will be. I hope you have fun creating it.

So, I don’t know what will be result, so the winner will be the one who makes the car most similar to my character. You can use ready-made developments, and degrade them if you want.

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The main benchmarks are:

  1. No older than 1938

  2. No parquets crossovers

  3. Not must be flying.

  4. Them can not play in bowling.

  5. It must not approach a Chevrolet Sting Ray Coupe.

  6. Does not look like a BMW of any kind.

I’ll take into account the conceptual idea that you was trying to attempt, and if the auto doesn’t represent well what you was trying to do, it will get small subjective points.
Design rating: a progressive absolute scale, with values from 1 to 10 as standard, and bonus points if the design is successful beyond that. (This is how I’m used to sometimes rating the food I eat, because as a degustator, I’ve learned to assign points accurately.) You can only get a negative score if the design is clearly disgusting.
Interior requirements: the minimum set is sufficient.

Grading will be on a relative scale, where 1 is the very minimum and 10 is the full maximum.

Grading the exam will be subjective, as I will be evaluating how well the build suited me. As well as my lack of knowledge in automotive engineering.

Since this is a new direction of the Challenge section, I decided to label it with the code word MLC - if the forum (site) members will like this direction of the game.

In order to make the Challenge a little burning, I decided not to increase the acceptance period more than 24 days from the date of sending the task.

Therefore, there will be a mandatory closing after 16, if no entry have been received, and up to 28 days, if there are more participants than expected. The extra days are also given to participants in order to have time to compile an entertaining magazine presentation for the readers of the Automation The Car Company Tycoon Game site.

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  1. The Challenge opens for equally 24 days from the time the task is submitted, and only in special cases - 28 days, and necessarily closes after 16 days if no entry are received.

(According to my measurements, this is normal).

  1. My Loved Car 1 - is your NAME + your TRIM name

  2. No strict rules to the technical task to focus on sculpting the model (of course if the hoster himself is not expecting a stealthy hitting in this nomination).

  3. Without rigid focus on the realism of car behavior (of course, if the hoster himself does not intend it)

  4. Total points are not displayed, as the task is not strictly defined, and will be resentment, as there is supposed to be a large scatter.

  5. Whatever the designer wants to present, he does it himself, as the hoster may not pay attention to it.

  6. One entry per participant.

  7. The hoster’s flag is passed to the person who won the last challenge and onward in queue, but no more than twice in a row.

  8. In case of a short - unraised Challenge, the host chooses the next player from any represented participant on the forum.

Basically the point of the game is consists in what to guess the concept that the author has guessed (and what even he himself doesn’t know, but wants).

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My obscure expectations:

The main directions are:

  1. It is a concept that is neccesery must to become a serial. A production run of about (200 - 50,000 units).

  2. Something very cool, from the list presented here.

  3. Something ordinary, but interesting.

  4. Something extravagant, and does not have to be released on the streets of the city.

The winner can be absolutely anyone, because only the project will be strictly evaluated, and how outstanding - uncommon it is.

If a shoe suddenly comes up for consideration, it most likely won’t take the first place, as it can’t move on its own (and actually does not in general).

In general, in this unpredictable challenge, the winner becomes that who was hitted in the target best (and I like this format).

My evaluation is organized as follows:

  1. Appearance scores (absolute progressive scale 0 - 10) + interior scores (relative scale [1 - 10]) + build files - total absence of math and maximum subjective preferences.

So, I assume that in a challenge of this kind absolutely no complex calculations will be made, except for personal degustators evaluation.

The Challenge is open for 16 - 24 days.

Waiting block:

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The requirements are very obtuse and confusing - why not give us a more detailed explanation?

IDK what is this all about but I see you like vans so have van:

And since I have no idea when does this exactly open, I’m gonna send it in now.

Fcuk, I forgot about the door rail.


Well, in general, yes.
If I give a clear task, then the meaning is lost. It will be completely uninteresting if I say to develop only buses, otherwise there is room.
The fact is that me like not all the presented cars in the world, including those that are presented on the site, despite the fact that they are well-made. The challenge is to find the perfect car, among any types and sizes.

Creating chassis customizations is left up to the player, because what is worse, in my consideration, can become the best.

Excuse me, but I hardly understood anything.
Простите, но я ели что понял.
Unnskyld, men jeg forsto nesten ingenting.
Entschuldigung, aber ich verstand fast nichts.
Pardon, pero yo no entendi casi nada.

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Dammit, I was going to submit a sweet shoe.

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If you can’t understand, it may mean that you don’t think like me.

This is a task for those who know how to think, if you want to recreate in a standard way, then you can pass by.

In general, this is a task for privileged olders.

You may not participate, you are unlikely to succeed.
Including because it is too difficult and incomprehensible.

I do not think the problem is that he fails to understand the concept, because that is fairly clearly communicated. However, the wording is not concise, which makes it hard to actually know the rules and know one is not breaking them.


There are almost no rules here, I only choose what me liked more - fitted.
A very subjective list of winners is built from this.

Van, you say? I can do van!

And rest assured, it doesn’t know how to play bowling!


Hey cousin, you want to go bowling?


That might be the first Automation challenge in which not only a mandatory van entry is the first one, but also the second one :smile:


You are right, we don’t think like you. In fact, you wanna know what I think? I think you need to take a break, work on your English, then get back to us when you can form at least one coherent sentence

Round cars with small wheels are easiest to play bowling, and they are also prone to the side wind.

In this challenge, you need to create brutal, but not aggressive cars, and moreover not BMW, so perhaps you won’t succeed this time.

here I created a flying bowling ball for a 1937 BMW (Crossover Stingray coupe version). I think this is a stunning beautiful car that fits the bill perfectly and this car suited your needs perfectly.


All right, let me nip this in the bud before things derail again. We’ve been here before.

Yes, there is a language barrier. That is not a reason to antagonize the host. If you want to participate, do so in good faith and with the understanding that the outcome might not be what you expect. Don’t shitpost and don’t waste anyone’s time with meme entries. If you don’t like or understand the challenge, move on. Scroll past. It’s that simple. But let’s not derail this from the get-go.

And the no antagonism comment go both ways. Meaning, the host also has to remain civil in their communications, and personal insults will not be tolerated (including ones inadvertently made due to translation issues).


I can only say that with the given very broad and vague ruleset I’m genuinely curious to see what happens with my entry. And since I didn’t even build it specifically for this challenge, I won’t even be disappointed if it gets binned for whatever arbitrary reason - in the end, this seems like the idea of the challenge, to guess.


All the same for me, honestly, plus I didn’t want you to be alone with a 60’s van. I really do do hope the challenge turns out great!

I think I understand now, when Kalan mentions bowling, what they’re actually referring to is rollover crashes? I think I see where the connection comes from. I can’t tell whether it’s a translator error, though, or an attempt at wordplay/metaphor. Or some combination of both?