Mod instalation

Hello everyone, I have the game installed on an external hard drive, the problem is that I can subscribe to workshop content but it’s not available in game, would someone know how to fix this ?

Launch the game using the game launcher on steam, wait for all the mods to be downloaded / activated, then you can launch without the launcher.

The problem is that I can’t activate the mods, it says “cannot create junction”. I guess that it is because the game is installed on an external drive but I have no idea how to fix it :confused:

This usually happens if something is installed twice, ie manually and then subbed on Steam as well. I’m not entirely sure what that does but I know that it should still work afterword.

My guess would be to move the files under documents/my games/automation to the external drive. I’m not sure if the game will recognise that they’ve moved, or will create new files so make a backup. There is probably an easy way for that to be done but I’m not a dev :grin: