Model year versus Engineering time

How does model and technology year match up with engineering time? For example, a 2015 model with a 5 year engineering time, does that mean you start engineering at 2015 and release at 2020, or that you plan to release at 2015 and thus have to start the process in 2010 and hope the deadline holds, or is it something else entirely?

You start engineering in whatever year the game states and it will be finished ~2-6 years later. So in 2015 you design your 2020 line-up. Techpool will help not being behind the curve when those cars come out :slight_smile:

Bumping old topic because I have related question.

What is the unit of production unit and engineering time? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years?

Production units in the old days is pretty much equivalent to manhours. In the modern days less, naturally. It is “production effort”

Engineering time is measured in raw months, not modified by company familiarity or engineer experience.
The engineering time concept will change before the LC V3 implementation, but the unit will remain months.

Okay, so no exact measurement comparable in real life for Production Units right now. Will be following further guide/tutorials what to set the production units number to aim (i.e. generally accepted number for low end cars, mid end, high end, etc).

Is there any plans to sandbox our company made in campaign or a separate company with tech pool in sandbox?

We did have some concept of a sandbox company where you can choose various tech pool bonuses in order to make more realistic cars where unlocked tech might be available and such. That will not make it in before the LC V3 though, might be part of that update.


Will be waiting. It’s going to be a very nice touch to the sandbox. Thanks for letting us know!