Model Years Being 2012 For Every Single Car

Ever since I got this game off my other computer all of my model years have said 2012 because it said I couldn’t change the year before the body style, but for some cars I made had a body style of 1950 but the year still said 2012. I am pretty sure it’s not the application, just me. I think this because on my first PC I had so many cars on there then the PC died and nothing transferred to my new PC but I still had the same problem, so what am I missing? It doesn’t look too natural when you see a car from 1950 but the year says 2012 lol.

Also, I’m new to the forums so if I did anything wrong then whoops (just made this account as of the day I’m posting this)

You have to manually lower the year.

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I’ve been doing that and its still not working :frowning:

When you choose the body, you set the year, 2012 is simply the default. Make sure it’s not the variant year you are trying to change, that won’t go any earlier than model year.

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