Mods don't appear in game after they've been downloaded and installed

This has been a recurring issue on last couple of months, where when I subscribe to a mod, it downloads and it appears as installed in the automation launcher but it does not appear in game. So far what I have been doing is to delete the steam automation folder entirely then verify integrity of game files to re-download everything. That solves the issue but is very annoying to have to do that every time I subscribe to a mod (especially as it takes quite a while to re download the game).

Does this happen to other people as well? Do you have an idea on how to fix it?

Are you opening the game using the “No launcher” option?

I solved the problem by opening the game with the launcher, waiting for every mod to load and then clicking on the Play button.

Hey TG1, didn’t know you were here aswell! (I’m Pandem from PRL server)

You should check the game files if “checkintegrity” is set to true. if not, do so using notepad++ :slight_smile:

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Yes I was, then I would use the launcher to check if the mod was in fact downloaded which usually it was…

This fixed it… odd 'cause I usually checked there the most existed in the game, but this time the waiting time seemed to fixed it… weird, but thanks everybody for your kind support!

Luckily it got fixed :smiley: