Mods not working

I got the “swedish airplane” and “yet another swedish airplane” mods, and they arnt showing up in game. In fact most mods by that author dont work.

They are for the old Kee engine version. Not UE4, which we are on now.

does that mean they no longer work?

I think you can still access the Kee version from the menu.


how do you
do it


Reverting to UE4 4.17 should do the trick.

Mods by that author are for the Legacy/Kee version of Automation which is severely outdated. Any mods after the Bull Bars mod are for the Legacy version, whereas any after are for the Unreal Engine version.

That mod, however should be marked as incompatible with the latest version anyway.

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That’s a very very old mod, from years ago. It doesn’t work with the current game version and the one it does work with is a very broken, very crash-y and very much less complete version than the stable branch. You can access it, however, by going to the Properties menu in Steam for Automation (here)


and then clicking on the betas tab here


then clicking ‘Kee Engine’ in the dropdown. You’ll have to do this again backwards to get back into the stable or beta versions of the game.

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how do you install mods in the kee versiuon?

Click subscribe in the Steam workshop

Why exactly are you want to play an inferior and outdated version of the game, just my asking.

Judging by his profile picture he wants to build a Saab

Truth be told, I personally prefer the Kee lite campaign mode.

never mind

not appearing in game

The Kee Engine version and modding for it is no longer supported, you’re on your own (and helpful community members) if you want to dive into that :stuck_out_tongue: Indeed as some pointed out it makes very little sense to get into that version now if your computer can run the latest.