Modular dashboard

I am currently working on a modular dashboard for contemporary cars.
Here are some screenshots of different setups. I am open to suggestions. Even if these dashboards draw their inspiration from reality, I don’t want to reproduce an existing dashboard in order to give more personality to your future creations.


I don’t really know what a dashboard is supposed to do but I think it looks good

Finally, we can actually make good interiors without needing to use a shitton of random parts!

Ideas: Since the dashboards may be modular to improve customization, I would say, we could add some radios/infotainment screens for different situations?

A cheaper CD radio system for lower-end cars (pic from a 2000s Subaru Impreza)

A much better CD player with a touchscreen for better vehicles in the 2000s (aftermarket head unit)

An infotainment system screen (pic from a 2010s VW Passat)

A much better, high end infotainment system (pic from a 2010s Volvo XC90)

And finally, a huge touchscreen for those luxury electric vehicles from late-2010s and beyond (pic from a 2020s Tesla Model S)

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This would greatly simplify the process of creating interiors for newer cars, especially those introduced in 2010 or later.

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Yeah, IMO there is a HUGE lack of interior parts suitable for post 90s cars at the moment, so kudos to you for doing this.


One main suggestion from me - make it all less straight. I remember that finding suitably curved parts was one of the big challenges of making my so-far-only interior. Good stuff though :+1:


I did a first test in the game. The dashboard is a bit wide. I will reduce it from 1.50 m to 1.40 m. On the central console, I created slots in DIN format (178x54 mm) to integrate air conditioning controls panel, infotainment…


Could you post a picture of of your dashboard here to see what you’re asking for?

Slightly curved backwards towards the doors

Central console widening towards the top

Still not exactly what I wanted, but as close as I could get. Actually there are a few separate curves that I think are missing, and only one is (sorta) present in my interior.

  1. Towards the doors, curved backwards, for smoother transition (not all modern dashboards have that)
  2. Bottom edge going up from the central console outwards (most I can recall)
  3. Central console directed slightly towards the driver (only some, but that’s a distinctive detail)

This shows 1 and 2 somewhat well:

This shows both 2 and 3 nicely:


You can will combined this all together, so that there was a finished interior, and then to provide a choice in length, in the menu of related details.

I haven’t made much progress this week. I created a few infotainment and climate control systems. I think I will put a first version of this mod tomorrow. Then I will evolve it gradually. Here are some screenshots I took today.


Very nice, very needed, very thank you :slight_smile:

Really cool stuff, appreciate the effort always.