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Founded in 1916 by Manuel Montes, in Barcelona, the brand has gone through several complicated historical moments for the brand (WW II, Coup d’Etat in Spain, and dictatorship), but the brand has survived all these setbacks. A fighting spirit, which is reflected in their models.

Our models combine elegant lines, together with a touch of sporty driving. DNA of the brand.

Since 1917, we participated in championships around the world, and we transferred this experience to our street cars.

In 1975, we created MRP (Montes Racing Performance), a department dedicated exclusively to competition, as well as preparing sports versions of our cars.

Since 1996, the company is headed by Víctor Montes, and in 2018, acquired Gabatron.

Some of the most-emblematic models

Montes 6/20 (1916)

Montes 3500 “Leopardo” (Race car, 1917)

Montes Sport GT (1939)

Montes D25 (1947)

Montes Excelsior I (1925)

Montes Serie 100 (1951)

Montes Amagosta (1954)

Montes Roadster (1955)

Montes Serie 200 (1961)

Montes Urban (1974)

Montes Zender (1975)

Montes SS10 (1988)

Montes RS-Cien (2016)


Current lineup

Montes Urban

Montes T30

Montes T60

Montes T90

Montes X90

Montes Excelsior

Montes Amagosta

Montes Roadster

Montes RXS-6

Montes M300


Montes SSX-R2

BeamNG cars

Montes MRP HCS-01: MRP HCS 01 | BeamNG

Montes Zender MK2 (all trims): Montes Zender MK2 | BeamNG

Montes Zender 3.0T GT (MK3): Montes Zender Mk3 | BeamNG

Montes Sport GT: Montes Sport GT | BeamNG


Montes Urban (MK6): Montes Urban (MK6) | BeamNG


Hey, Nice cars ! Thanks for posting pics :slight_smile:

The side chrome grille and the two double exhaust there are the MRP version (Montes Racing Performance), like BMW ///M, AMG…
Another difference between normal version and MRP there are the front grille (the chromed grille with a logo no, the front grilles in the bumper).

For me the front looks a bit like Opel Adam in luxury edition :smiley: But i really like the rear of your Gaphyr coupe.

In part: I’m inspired in Mercedes S Coupé (the new model) and the Monza concept.

Meet the classic Montes: put a Montes in your live!

Montes V8 GT

This car was designed with a only objective: compete with the Ferrari’s and Aston Martin of the 50s-60s.
This car works with an SOHC V8 engine to make the car cheaper than the Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s, without quit the driving and sportive pleasure.

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Montes ElMiraj

This European muscle car is for the USA market only in the end-50s and start-60s, but don’ underestimate her body: it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

His heart is an V8 10100 cc (10,1 litres) with the same efficiency that an 302 cui Mustang engine.

This car is between Muscle Car and LowRider (like Cadillac ElDorado).

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I’m undecised about which is the next car that I will make, and I need your opinion, please. I need to say the next:
-Body type.
-Engine power and cylinders.
-Sportive, comfort or neutral handling.
-The MTBF (please, a possible value in game, like 50000 km).
-The fuel consumption (no 0l/100,please) , in I.S units; no Imperial (I don’t understand this system).


The review of Montes Urban 2012 (mk5):

News about the new Montes Model (according to CARSCOOPS):

The new model is called Zender, and seems that the engine (4 cylinder turbo and 2 liter of capacity) is capable to make a 0-100 km/h (0-65 mph) in 4-5 seconds, and reach a speed higher than 250 km/h.

The car likely to take AWD transmission.

Montes has only stated that the car will compete with models like the Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, but is more cheap that these cars.


An anonymous source has released the following information:

Montes looks awesome. Love that front end.

Thanks :smiley: .


This is the Montes 338 (2 seats)/ 338 2+2 (2+2 seats).

This luxury-sport cars was a rival to Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini cars in the 60’.

The car is moved with a v8 3300 cm3, with 300 hp, and a 5 speed gearbox (but I’m anxious to use a V12 engine).


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More photos about the 330:

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A classic model from 1964:

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The reviews of Montes Cars (in order of review):

-2012 Montes Urban MSR:
-2013 Montes Urban MSR:
-2014 Montes SSX-R:
(And one of the biggest reviews that never before have been written)…
-2014 Montes Excelsior 65 MRP (Montes Racing Performance):

The next reviews and comparisons will be sticked here.

1986: the Group B and F1 are dominated with the turbo cars. Montes decided to enter a car in the Group B, but the rules require to produce a road version of the car that will participated.

But the current models (in 1986) of Montes not meet the requirements of the brand, and the solution is a super-advanced car in his time: the Zender RS.

The car was 100% new, and doesn’t share any part with any Montes model of 1986 and rear: this car was designed from race to street (like BMW M3 E30), through the adquired experience of Montes in the International Motorsport Championships (like the DRM, IMSA…). It was designed by MRP.

The Zender RS enters the market the 1st February of 1986, and in the first month was sold 300 units arround the world!

The model was powered with a 2856 cm^3 engine, capable to develop more of 300 hp. The car costs $55.000-70.000.

Some photos of the model:


That Zender could have easily been made by Alpine or some car company like that. Looks amazing man!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Back to the past (no, there isn’t the name of a movie with a name changed).

1989: Montes presents to the public the luxury cabrio coupé called Montes Biturbo (yes, like the Maserati Biturbo):

Some photos:

The model is powered with a v8 x-plane biturbo 2.5l 5-valve, with a power of 290cv.

The model isn’t finished at 100% (the body and engine is finished; the rest needs some adjustments).