More photoscene issues/suggestions

I feel like the parking lot in the 10’s Design Studio isn’t using its space wisely

Maybe something more like this would work better,

Also on the TV’s in front of where you design the car in 10’s Studio, these screens reflect on the back of the devices.

As shown

Also, this is small, but, I feel like the middle of this little “chandalier”, i guess, isn’t supported too well, it would probably collapse under its own weight. Probably add 1-4 supports in the middle

Easter egg :slight_smile:

Anyways, This sign in Overpass serves as much purpose as I do

Barriers seem to be invisible from the behind aswell

This… parking barrier? Is useless, unless its used to prevent people from parking in the space thats too small


Thanks for pointing out! Forwarded :slight_smile: