More specific cam settings

I understand that the cam profile slider is supposed to be a general approximation of the camshaft profile to fit into a wide variety of engines, however I feel like it can be very difficult to build certain types of motors. For example, a torqey truck motor that revs to maybe a max of 6300-6500. Now there are plenty of engines that have small cam profiles, get solid economy and have plenty of low end grunt but really start to fall off around 6000 rpm. The way we have it now is if we want good torque we have to set the profile higher, which in turn pushes the power band too high.

Would it possible to add in an additional slider that controls where the profile selected is the most effective? Theoretically you can have a lower profile camshaft that makes most its power higher in the band, and vice versa, base on cam profile you can have a less aggressive cam make loads of power down low but fall off heavily towards the top end.

We dont need anything as extensive as choosing the Lift, Duration, and LSA, just a slider that is Low End/High End in the power band. This way I can set a profile at 35 for better economy, while having the torque come on early to satisfy my truck market.

Right now I have tried to go the GM route and make a large displacement pushrod engine for that low end grunt, but I still need to set the rev limiter quite high to achieve my goals, and I see no way around this. If anyone has any tips please let me know!

Have a look here for what is going to be done: