More than 10 trims - Scroll Bar Doesn't Work

Steps to replicate:

  • Create any new car

  • Replicate trims until you have more than 10

  • Scroll bar will highlight, but is inoperable - rendering your ability to modify the 11th trim impossible.

  • Mouse wheel scroll has no effect (or it’s laptop equivalent touchpad scroll).

Note: I did notice the game rightly gave a warning about “too many items being produced in a factory, severely reducing its efficiency”. However, I hadn’t gotten to the factory setup yet where I planned to create multiple factories with only a few trims per factory. So that warning, while warranted, seems a bit premature.

Is this in Sandbox mode or Campaign?

Campaign mode.

Campaign Played: (2.6 MB)

Log File: (84.5 KB)

edit: Sandbox is OK. I created 12 trims with a single model, and the scroll feature works fine whether you are in list view (trims displayed vertically) or model view (trims displayed horizontally). The problem is limited to campaign trims.

edit2: It also affects your ability to view multiple trims with the “Trim and Engine Display Info” toggled on. Anything more than 3 trims toggled on gets cut off.

Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll investigate :slight_smile:

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Fixed in Hotfix 5. :grinning: Keep up the awesome work!

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