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Moshou motors quality check

This is where the moshou engines get checked before use. (actually its because i need to imporve engines) Heres the one im working on at the time of writing this https://gyazo.com/f8b08a2f5c7ede5335bb529ea97ea722 write your opinions on it below.

This is nowhere near enough information to give any sort of feedback on. We don’t know where the turbo spools, what sort of boost you’re running etc etc etc. Also the fact that it requires 100 ron petrol makes it useless in road use. Use imgur or just upload to the forums next time. This guazo thing is baaaaaaaaad

ok. thanks for the feedback. will fix soon

All I can say based on that pic is that it has atrocious economy (no surprise with such power/litre), too much power for an usable 2.2 and isn’t quality spammed, which is good. But the cost suggests some expensive materials - magnesium block and titanium rods? Ehh, just provide more info, so we don’t have to guess. At least the whole screenshot of the last engine tab, with graphs and these “control squares” regarding rev, torque and flow problems, and info about the block and head materials, VVL or not, internals, boost.

ok. but its kinda made for a concept. but i guess. i shall improve. and in fact. zenshi did the same thing with their GT car. it was kinda my goal to see if i could reach that same milestone

My concepts come equipped with carburated 1.6. Street cars have a lot of tasks, like economy, usability, noise and ecology, fuel availability etc

i know. tho. sports cars and supers alike are supposed to be noisy. but everything else im incline to agree on.

They often are but that’s not a rule or law, a sports car might be luxurious and comfortable too.

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