Most Powerful Naturally Aspirated Engines?

There are quite a few threads for powerful turbo engines, but I don’t recall having seen one for naturally aspirated engines. I think it could be interesting to see what kind of performance is possible from a naturally aspirated engine, both in terms of maximizing the sliders and pushing the limits, and in terms of a more practical design reliable (preferably with no part wear alerts) and affordable enough to power a performance and/or luxury vehicle with a total vehicle price of around $100,000.

Totally vehicle price of about 100k? I don’t think I have anything for that.

But if you Max out the quality sliders you can get figures of about 1400hp+ with reliabilities of 45 or so. The MRSP of the car I put that in was about 2M AUD though :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a engine NA without more than +4 sliders, with 2000hp.

Can we see this magical engine?

Impossible. I crave proof.


Impossible. I crave proof.[/quote]

I too am a little skeptical


Impossible. I crave proof.

I too am a little skeptical[/quote]

Sorry, 1750hp (I looked bad :frowning: ).

With sliders at +15 (except exhaust, that have +1), I have a NA engine with 1800-2100hp.

Yeah no, I am still thinking that none of us here really believe that :laughing: definitely not for build 1418, not even for build 136x either!

Why? Because even optimal settings start reaching a soft limit around the 1400+ mark. Even if you use the best everything with maximum displacement, your profile and timing and compression has room to move, you’ll get minimal returns. Turbo engines with 7ish liters or more, on the other hand, can easily exceed 2000hp.

We could be otherwise convinced if you showed us a screenshot or even the file.

This is the engine in my production airfield spec buffalo with longtube headers. Switching to race headers gets me within spitting distance of 1500 but you can see the 5 valve head is already stressed at only 1300.

No, I don’t buy that. My personal record on this build is just above 1500hp, or just under it, I don’t remember at all.

There is no way in hell thst you get 2100 hp or 1800 hp or even 1750 hp out of one, nevermind the quality sliders.