Motor spinning on dyno uncontrolably

as soon as i start the engine, it starts wobbling until it starts spinning all crazy. why?

What are your system specifications? This has happened on very low-end hardware for some people in the past.

It does that if the frame rate is too low… which usually means you either have the graphics quality turned up too high, your graphics card can’t handle the load, or both. Open the options menu in the launcher, and try:

  1. moving the quality slider all the way to the left
  2. uncheck SSAO

See how it reacts… then add quality incrementally until you get a good framerate/quality balance.

Beat me to it! LOL, but yes that was my experience on my old laptop.

i figured it out. i turned the slider more to the left and adjusted my graphics card. its great. thanks guys, good work on the game!

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