Movie/TV Cars You Love

Simple: take turns naming a car from a movie, TV show or other media article that you want to feature for any particular reason.

Just to pitch deep left, I’m going to start with the van from the star-studded HK Jacky Chan et al. flick, Meals on Wheels

Most of Jacky Chan’s films showcase his multiple talents beyond jumping off buildings and kicking people in the face. Accordingly, his films tend to also contain tricked out vehicles (mostly Mitsubishis*, it’s a Jacky Chan thing).

This heavily modified 2nd gen Mitsubishi Delica might not be what you would consider first line in a showcase, but just like in most of his other movies, it’s seriously tricked out. This one, apparently modified by a friend of their frenemy, Moby (played by the great Sammo Hung), hilariously screams RICE over a decade before The Fast and the Furious introduced obnoxious JDM to the West. But that’s not all, it contains an automated folding out self-contained fast food kitchen controlled by one of those 80s futuristic computer 3D interfaces and drives like no Delica has any business driving (not to mention it catches some pretty sick air). Basically, a Jacky Chan movie take on a Bond car. I won’t lie when I say I think they’re great.

*consider that Meals on Wheels also featured one of the most obnoxious product placements ads for the Starion even to this day, Armor of God featured a one-off convertible Colt with a TWIN TURBO button and a hidden pod car. Thunderbolt was pretty much 100% Ralliart everything, including a Lancer Evo III RS, Who Am I had a Mitsubishi Paris-Dakar truck and an Evo V, Police Story had the legendary scene of a Cordia destroying an entire hillside shanty town hurtling down a hill in a scene too dangerous to do more than a single take, and so on and so forth…


Ok before any says it the gt ho from running on empty

edit thanks strop i cant post pics on phone
and they destroy soo many gt ho’s in that movie

For anybody wondering, it’s pretty much this:



Something along the lines of this. Not the clean fresh one from Mad Max, not the dying rattling box from Fury Road. This in particular, the battle hardened and survival oriented machine from the Road Warrior.



I believe that scene in Police Story also featured a bunch of Space Wagons.

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100% confirmed

In fact it was the lead car containing the crime boss that plagues Jacky’s character for the first two films, that Jacky was chasing in the Cordia.

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Also Cannonball Run II: JC and Richard Kiel in the most James Bond Starion ever.

I like the narrowbodies.


Vanishing point Challenger. Dream car since i first saw it.


Literally the reason I got into cars


Firstly…ANY Aston Martin featured on ANY Film or TV show! No ifs or buts!!!

Then there are these 2 in joint second place to AM! :laughing:


This radio station was named Kowalski, in honour of the last American hero to whom speed means freedom of the soul. The question is not when’s he gonna stop, but who is gonna stop him.

The first car I saw in a movie that made me totally freak out was the Lamborghini Diablo in Dumb & Dumber.
The second car I saw in a movie that had the same effect was the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 in Bad Boys.

I never watched much TV, but I liked the Viper Defender from the TV series…Viper. LOL


Evreytime i think about TV and movie cars. this pops up on top of my personal list:

…with the following ones in close chase:

Forever Mr MacNee aka John Steed from “The Avengers”

…and several others as well.


@Deskyx that kind of doesn’t surprise me (it also really boosted me into appreciation for JDM)

Need i say more?


This one may be a stretch… but I don’t really watch movies, so it’s all I have off-hand.

The Martian Rover.

Reason why might be a spoiler… so… [spoiler]It’s the only thing in the movie that didn’t break… and I like reliable vehicles.[/spoiler]


Going to break the trend here of nice sporty cars.

The Beast. Uncle Buck’s 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham, complete with blown rear shocks and massive oil leak.


No idea how it hasn’t been mentioned yet (besides it being so bloody obvious) but a love of crap cars and this being one of my favourite films means I’ve always said, if I ever won the lottery this would be the first thing I’d buy.,cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,q_80,w_620/MTM2MTU3NTIzNDA0MTM1MjI1.jpg

Some other more obvious things you’d expect from me like the Initial D AE86 etc, but if I had to pick one TV car that really cemented itself in my head, for me it would absolutely be this:

I was already growing up as a Toyota mentalist, and this was on when I was 11. In pretty much any product, be it cars, computers or otherwise, nothing is more important to me or gains my respect more than durability and dependability, and I defy anyone to say they thought it would drive away from that tower block demolition. I remember sitting shouting “Come oooon!” at the TV at the same time as James May when it started to fire up.

The picture above is one I took a couple of months back after I finally got to see it up close, and my god it is so much worse than it looks on TV when you see it in the metal. It really does look like it could just collapse into a heap at any minute, but no, it’s still standing, rustier than ever, and I’m assured is still able to work. It certainly still has all the added switches in after it was set on fire to start it, complete with attached piece of paper telling you which one does the glow plugs etc.

Those two episodes with this on pretty much got me stuck on Toyotas entirely. To this day it is still the one thing responsible for my complete trust in anything that says Toyota on it.

God I loved that chase scene when I was a kid, I still love the fact they made a limited run Jackie Chan edition Evo for a couple of versions in his honour.