MP Automotive

In the beginning of this year the company MP Automotive B.V. has been founded.

It’s a small company situated in the east of the Netherlands and wants to offer the public a sporty hatchback with good fuel economy. Later this year there is a planned Sedan Concept car to show to the public, which will have the same style as the Hatchback.

The Hatchback Concept car:

Engine: 1.2L L4 16V Turbo 100bhp
Top speed : 188km/h
0t100km/h : 10.40sec

Please let me know what you guys think of it!

Sneak preview Sedan Concept (not happy with the nose yet, it’s a wip)

Engine: 1.4l L4 16V Turbo 125bhp

I’ve tried to make a compact hatchback again, called the MP1.

The only model available atm is the 1.2T Eco. (1.2ltr 4cil 20V Di Turbo)