MrdjaNikolen's car companies

So, here i am.
Im Mrdja Nikolen or Niko Mrdja, whatever option you prefer.

I followed forum for solid amount of time, more precisely CSR competitions. Now that i have possibility to take place here, i decided to do so (and i might appear in CSR139 as competitor).

As of now, i have 9 brands:

  1. Mrdja ICM Cars
    This company would have lore based upon some other game im playing-Idle Car Manager.
    That means said game has very obvious limitations which would be described in detail in one of posts below.
    Said game starts in January 1890 so thats where this company starts
    as well.
    Its based in Masautan Empire, that exists neither IRL or in
    Automation world.
    Would be pointless to try and describe its location bcos its very very
    very very small sized, but in one of posts below i will try to explain
    country itself.

  2. Ecyor Sllor
    Another manufacturer that is probably gonna use ICM as basis for its lore.
    Idea, as well as name, were given to me by Ryu Shugasu, developer of ICM:
    “Try to go in ICM with only luxury cars until 2222. You could name them Ecyor Sllor”
    As was the case with first brand, it starts in 1890
    Unlike it tho, it will be based in Hetvesia, owing to fact that is like certain country called Germany…and this Ryu guy is in fact German
    Because Automation and ICM arent exactly compatible, in
    Automation this company is presented by cars like Thrust SSC, F1 cars, hypercars or other examples that fit ICM definition of luxury: ton of power and performance.

  3. Kontir
    Gasmean manufacturer of trucks, SUVs and vans.
    At first i thought only about semis, but decided to extend it further to pickup trucks.
    I find this one rather unlikely to follow ICM lore imposed upon previous two brands.
    USA HQ is going to be in some tiny place called Chicota. This belongs to Texas.
    I havent decided yet on naming scheme here, but its likely going to be based on towns and counties in Texas - to my best knowledge, this gives LOT of choice.

  4. Daniloski
    Named in inspiration to my best friend from high school.
    There are two his interests that would make sorta basis for this
    brand: tuned cars and performant practical cars (sedans, hatches
    and wagons spiced up). Ofc those tuned cars are gonna come from
    factory like that in this case or would be good basis for aftermarket mods.
    Would be placed in Fruinia.
    Again not fully sure about its year of foundation.
    Lineup naming scheme is decided and im likely gonna cover it in separate post.

  5. Sardarji
    Its placed in Archana and its lineup is going to be off-road oriented.
    I met a guy who was really helpful and he was main inspiration behind this brand.
    He is also Indian, so if im going to place this on RL map…it will be somewhere on Indian soil
    “Sardar” is term associated with warriors in said country, so it made sense for lineup to be comprised of something that could be of use on battlefield.
    At very begining, this was nameplate i utilised on light sports cars…until i found out above ofc :sweat_smile:
    Military ranks of Indian army would also serve as names of models from this company: lower the rank, smaller the vehicle we are talking about.

  6. Rosanda
    Inspired by uni crush of mine
    Hetvesian premium/luxury car company, that takes over this position from Ecyor Sllor, which includes very German naming and Earthly equivalent of Bavarian part of Germany
    Lineup naming scheme is decided and im likely gonna cover it in separate post.

  7. Kolondra
    Gasmean company that makes cars (and might branch out in crossovers of sort when time is right).
    US HQ might be placed in same place as was case with Kontir.

  1. VerBanka
    Fruinian company, inspired by crush from high school

  2. Saguaro
    Archanan company dedicated to, well, cars you may expect from Archana

Note i prob wouldnt be that active to extent of posting every day or so, but, yea, feel free to ask or suggest anything that might be useful.

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I mentioned that some of these companies would have lore based on Idle Car Manager.

Now im trying to somewhat explain rules imposed by that game

  1. Choosing body
    There are limits here indeed, explained in Interior part.

  2. Engine
    Any configuration works, from single cylinder to…24 cylinder
    engines(obviously this translates to all engines avaiable in Automation on 19th June -when this was written.
    Same goes for inline, V, boxer, flats or W engines.

Capacity of engine does depend and is strictly defined.
Cylinder must be (320 + 1.5n) cc, n being whole number(-1, 0, 1 as example)

Im not sure but minimum would be 300.5 cc single cylinder.
Maximum…lets just say i did made 15+L V12s, which are already near the limits to what can you make in Automation

Power is also strict and depends on said cylinder size and RPM limit: in both cases bigger is better, but thats sorta contradictory as you would imagine.

Also NA only, no forced induction of any kind

Formula is as follows

 _(EngineCapacity*MaxRPM)/(NumberOfCylinders * 100000) = RESULT_
_RESULT * (NumberOfCylinders^0.7)= CalculatedPower_

Im trying to keep it little bit lower than calculated figure.

There is IRL car that is rather close to this formula in terms of engine size, RPM and resulting power: Wanderer Puppchen W3

  1. Paint
    Paint itself isnt restricted, but here is command on which you can
    activate/deactivate morphs.
    Very important as we move on

  2. Tires
    Same size front and rear
    This includes width

  3. Brakes
    I realised these would also need to be same size front and rear
    I guess maybe even same type

  4. Interior
    Number of seats is very simply defined
    1000-1399: Single seater
    1400-1799: Two seater
    1800-2199: Three seater
    2200-2599 4 seats
    2600-2999 5
    3000-3399 6
    3400-3799 7
    3800-4199 8
    4200-4599 9 seats.

Liters used both in ICM and here

According to this simple table, you adjust number of seats or Passenger Space by using morphs until Passenger Space is in range dictated by number of seats.

Cargo Space is included in Passenger Space: Maximum is i guess 100 liters less than Passenger Space in its entirety.
Example: Passenger Space is 2200 liters, barely enough for 4 ppl. Maximum Cargo Space is 2100 liters in that case.

I said i would try to explain Masautan Empire mentioned as HQ for Mrdja ICM Cars.

Masautan Empire is small, rural country with poor-quality roads and average weather harshness.
Its mostly flat, but there is big artificialy-made construction that requires some climbing.

Its people are poor and pay low car taxes.
They don’t value fuel economy beyond its effect on their wallet and pay low fuel prices. There are no restrictions in terms of leaded fuel-fuel used in here is fish oil. Only richest people have access to fuel we know as such.

Very low corporate taxes and cheap labour make Masautan Empire an excellent place to produce cars, but only for few chosen.
It has a very small car market with questionable growth potential.

More details
Only very skilled criminals and emperor with his family could have enough money to use it for whatever thing they want. Tbf, sooner or later, all rich ppl in country become members of royal family.

Only law that exists is: Dont go against Emperor. Ever.
You dont have any problem trying to expand your backyard by starting literal war with your neighbor.
There are no speed limits to speak of, except for the fact that only richest have smooth roads on their disposal, not dirt roads that are maintained according to need by whoever brings enough mud to patch holes in them. Most of ppl can go only 16 kmph anyway-max speed of most used car.

(This post will be repurposed to go into more details about one of brands)

Some lineup naming ideas

Smallest cars in lineup, comparable to Yugo, Panda, modern Fiat 500, VW Up and Lupo etc

naming inspired by Daniloskis nickname and his granpas Uno; its also in same class as Uno, Punto, Corsa, Fiesta etc.

Comparable to Golf, Astra, Lancia Delta, Civic, Focus, S3, RS3, last two gens of A Class etc. in terms of size

Modern Alfa Giulia is one of competitors besides RS4 and S4, M3, fast Passats, Mondeos/Sierras/Cortinas, Vectras etc.

Opel/Lotus Omega, BMW M5, Audi S6 and RS6, Lancia Thema, Alfa 164/166, Mercedes E Class AMG…you get the idea

Modernish inspiration are Fiat Coupe and Alfa GT

Rosanda car lineup
Besides name, we have few names of IRL competition to give you idea how big these vehicles are.

Null - Isetta, Cygnet, ForTwo
Eins - ForFour
Zwei - Cooper/One, A1
Drei - 1 and 2, A3, A/B/CLA
Vier - 3 and 4, A4 and A5, C
Funf - 5 and 6, A6 and A7, E/CLS
Sechs - 7 and 8, A8, S
Sieben - Ghost, Flying Spur
Acht - Phantom, Mulsanne

Lineup is 0-8 in German, but these names are gonna be worldwide.

As for body styles likely to be used…

Null and Eins are prob gonna be small hatchbacks only, with 3 or 5 doors.

Next three-Drei, Vier and Funf would have hatchback, sedan, coupe and wagon variants.

Sechs and Sieben are prob gonna be sedans and coupes.

Acht is sedan-only

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After long period of time, i had decided to post something new in here.
Mind you, text below wouldnt have much connection with Automation, but rather would be about MIW.

MIW stands for Mrdja’s Imaginary World
Excuse few new countries and its pretty much the same as in RL.
Masautan Empire was mentioned before, but i believe they could soon become only a memory, giving nothing interesting.

Loojoephantom Empire is scattered, for lack of better word.
Most of its very small territories are placed on territory of Serbia but there are territories in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
These territories are owned by members of my family, which explains why this empire is scattered in several tiny pieces
And no, you cant know where pieces are; what i can tell you is that three most interesting pieces are as follows:
Croatian and two placed inside Serbian territory
Serb pieces are about 140 kilometers apart.

Despite tiny size, this country is most developed country in the world, possesing technology beyond level of any RL country.
For this, we can mostly thank the Emperor, Klimentol Senior Mravolinski Loojoephantom and his expertise in many different science areas.
(This is same Klimentol that is featured in Team Mravolinski-Chitco competing in Shitbox Rally 2022).

We could theorhetically decide to expand it by covering factories and dealerships under Mrdja Group.
MIW is also open for expansion in CamshaftSoftwareVerse, all companies in Mrdja Group have alternative countries of origin anyway.
Problem to this would be not having any places or individuals coming from there, but i think that moving to vast expanse of CamshaftSoftwareVerse would indeed give more space to certain stuff some members may use and im actively thinking about that.

Suggestions would be welcome and in most cases could determine where exactly some brand of mine would be based (exception, at least for now, would be suggestion implying something related to Dalluha: i currently have no brand based in that country)
Related to brands, i might decide to update that part as well, so stay tuned.

This should probably be in design sharing or general chat sections, as this is automation related.

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