MSK's Design Studio (Off-Lore)

Hai there.

This thread will mostly if not only consist of designs I made that don’t fit into my Lore threads.

There will be little to no backstory, some specs, lots of pics.

Hope you’ll enjoy it none the less :wink:

First off,

2020 Eagle Ultium

(Shown here in High-Tech Metallite paint)

I know, “Mayback called, they want their design studio back”. But if you’re gonna plagiarize, then plagiarize something good right?

more pics! (lots of em, but check em out pls)

Powered by a TTV10 making 600hp and 790Nm, the Ultium will set you back 170k.


It certainly reminds me of a modern Maybach, especially from the front, but it definitely has the heart of a supercar - which ought to make it even more attractive. BTW, is it RWD or AWD? I’m expecting the latter.

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I think it looks clean, nice and classy. specially from the side and rear!

But i just think those headlights look kinda weird for a 2020 luxury car tho. (In my opinion)

AWD 65/35, yessir

I tried to make the headlights blend in the front grille, they do look too centered in my opinion now that you mention it… Appreciate the feedback though !

Yeah, I really like Cyberpunk, how could you tell?

2074 Crest Tornavento S

More pics (they're cool, check em out!)

Edit: Cyberpunk edition colorway

It’s got a 1010bhp 1100Nm 5.8L TTV12 coupled to a 9spd adv. Automatic, 404km/h top speed, 0-100 in 3s.

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2020 Eagle Milano FS

More pics! They're cool I swear


  • Aluminum/Carbon panels on Light AHS Steel (1680kg)
  • 5.0L TTV10 (700bhp/780Nm at 8000rpm)
  • F/R double wishbone suspension
  • 0-100km/h in 3.8s
  • 350km/h top speed
  • 175.000$ base price