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MTBF explain this please devs!

I am sorry if this has been answered already, but a search did not bring up the info I desire. MTBF or “mean time before failure” needs to be explained to me further. I often see MTBF being used as “miles before failure” Miles is definetly not a measure of time, but distance. If this were the case then it should be DTBF or “distance traveled before failure” Back to the beginning, if it were “mean time before failure” then I would assume this number I see on the engine designer would relate to hours of run time. So what gives? Just what is MTBF? If it were to be miles, or some form of distance measurement, then you should be able to see that number easily reach 100,000 or even 200,000 on a low stress engine. Is the MTBF number calculated on wide open throttle operation? Im just stumped as to why I can’t get any engine to reach 100,000 MTBF no matter what I do to the rev limiter, internal parts, or bore x stroke. Im guessing here that MTBF is "mean time between failures (HOURS) or (minutes) running at wide open throttle. Please enlighten me and all rest please!

It’s mean time between failures in KM or Miles (estimated, as there isn’t a gearbox/car attached to it yet) and a failure is considered to be ANYTHING that goes wrong besides scheduled maintenance, it’s not when the engine as a whole fails, just when something is going to require fixing on average.

The output of that stat will probably change a lot once we actually have it in a car and can properly work out distance from gearing etc. and once we have an idea of what the overall reliability of the car should be.

Ok, I totally got it now, thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

You mean we can be as demanding as Mercedes’s for giving a maintenance check :wink:

Is there any way I can check this in game?

Hey, I see you’re new around here (welcome! :smiley:), so you might not yet know how everything works. For example - this right here is a very old thread, which means that it’s super outdated and has basically nothing to do with how the game looks and works right now. In short - there’s no longer any MTBF in the game, it got replaced with a more or less arbitrary reliability score. You can safely assume that threads that hasn’t been updated in, say, 2 years are outdated.

BTW, how did you even find this fossil? Did you search for sth similar?


I was trying to get the rules for an even more outdated thing