MTH Works: Bodykits Request (Canned)

What’s this about?
Well, I really got bored I was playing around with one of my lore cars a bit, a friend of mine dared me to make a Rocket Bunny/Pandem kit for one of my cars. And so I thought it was kinda impossible despite the fender design I’ve seen on the cars like the BRZ, RX-7, E46 M3, S2K, etc.

And because I’m such a JDM junkie, I thought to myself, “But anything is possible, right? It’s freaking Automation for crying out loud.” Plus I was going able to put in good use on the mods a RARELY use in the game. So I tried 3 of my lore cars, The Hokosai Nichi, The Akagi RS-7, & My Nakamura Requiem Z. How did it go? SUCCESS

So what do I need to do?
just PM me the link of your car and I will put you in the queue!

Does it has to be a certain body?
It depends on what the morph is like on your car. If it’s has a very wide fender morph, then I might be able to do a widebody. However, if the morph is too short, I might be able to make something like this.

Example of expectation for cars with shorter fenders that would include those vents.

How much time will it take?
That also depends. Sometimes I’m busy doing other stuff or dealing with High School n stuff. But in terms of the process, I usually take about 1 hour in the make. So I can pretty much get it done adding some good details on working on the car.

Is it just Rocket Bunny/Pandem body kits?
Not at all! For supercars, I could try making Liberty Walk Style kits and as for that 930 Porsche body that’s in automation, I can also make RWB style kits aswell. :smile::+1:

In Progress of…: HybridTronny’s Atera Shiomi Super VIP

Currently On Queue!
Donutsnail’s 1993 Turból Cutela
The TechnoVampire’s 2 of his Kazuki Models.
abg7’s GEC GS2 Turbo

That’s all folks, and hopefully, I get to enjoy customizing your rides :v:t5:


Yurimacs’s 1989 Bradford Synthia 4X4 SR



The Process
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a wagon to be first, but I really like its look. I decided to give it that smooth style looks to fit in through its 1980s look, similar to the Pandem kit used in the E30s. Heck, the fender morphs was also perfect for the build. For the rims, I decided to put in some deep dished CWS LM on the wagon. Overall It was really fun to make. Now Yurimac can enjoy the road driving this clean family station wagon on the roads.


Great start to this new thread of yours - there is a surprisingly large number of cars that deserve the MTH widebody treatment. Can’t wait to see how your next few projects turn out!

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TheAlmightyTwingo’s 1994 Jin FR92 Hakone Turbostar




The Process
@TheAlmightyTwingo brought me his beautiful Jap Roadster, The 94’ Jin FR92 Hakone Turbostar. The stock form of it was well designed too! Hey, even the front bumper reminded me of one of my favorite cars, The EK9 Civic. Anyways, back on the process! Since the body itself is an S15 body, I decided to go for a full Rocket Bunny kit for the build. Yea there were some bit of limitations on putting certain fixtures on the body like the side skirts for example. But I manage to make it work. I’ve also given the car a very clean lip spoiler. For the rims, some good old deep dished CWS LMGT’s. As for the color, I decided to give the car a new pearlescent color named, Crazy Diamond Pearlescent, since I spotted one of the factory colors being a JOJO reference. Overall, it was a pretty fun build!


Looks great! There some impressive detail going on with this kit.


Back in business!
Sorry for the Inactiveness. There’s been a lot of busy crap at home I had to deal with! Especially with the whole virus crap. Plus now my school doing online school, Yay! (Sarcastic). And I have also been working on other automation projects I’ve been working on so yea! So pretty much what I’ve been doing. But now I’m back to continue this thread so stay tuned!


Aaron’s 2020 Tanaka Akuma V8-S (3rd Generation)



The Process
Man, who would’ve known @Aaron.W Would give me one of his brand new cars! Yes, I’m also very familiar with Tanaka Motors. I will say it’s one of the most unique Japanese manufactures I’ve seen! When I finally got my hands on the brand new 3rd Gen Akuma, I’ve planed on what I was going to do with this build. I’ve gone for just a full Liberty Walk for this build, Simular to the LB kit used on the Mclaren 650s. Also, It was a tricky process. Since there were lots of fixtures, I had too carefully morphed the fenders slowly so it wouldn’t crash my game and screw up the car itself. The rims I decided to put on was some good CWS LMGT’s as per usual. And added some custom Splitter & Diffuser. Including a Liberty Walk wing (BIG WANG GANG) Lastly, I decided to give the car a nice gloss orange. Overall, I really needed to be careful with this car since automation tends to kill itself whenever you try morphing anything with a lot of fixtures, But It was a very precise build. It was fun ^^
Tanaka_Akuma_(3rd_Gen) (112.0 KB)