Muscle/Pony Car Sharing Thread

This may or may not be the next Ascot Automotive model, inspired by a previous car I made in the 4.1 version of Automation, which in itself was inspired by the ninth generation Chevy Impala SS.

The body you plan to use may be too small for an 00s Impala SS replica. Besides, you may need at least 300 horsepower to match it.

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Less a replica, more the fact that I think that ‘FWD Muscle’ cars are a silly but fun little idea.

Reviving my own thread, 'cause I can and 'cause maybe others have muscle or pony cars they’d like to share.

Currently working on a pony car, but I’m not sure if the front is too busy to match with the back or even just in general. And not sure what do try to do to make it look more apporpriate for a mid to late 60s pony car.


1970 Condor Taipan GTS

The only thing I can tell you is that it has a 426 Hemi under the hood

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