My 1975 Ford Capri 3.0 V6 Ghia " Unmuffled "

Hi just wanted to see what you think about my Ford Capri and how it sounds " unmuffled " :slight_smile:

Man that thing is cool, and looks to be in really nice shape… My dad had a '76 Capri with the 2.8 (or was it 2.6… I forget now) and this really brings back memories.

Hard to tell how it sounds from that video tho, the sound quality is a bit poor.

I think it’s the best my Samsung Tablet will do , thanks for the compliments man :slight_smile: oh and if it’s a 76 it was probably a 2.3 V6 or a 2.6 V6 , the 2.8 came out in 1981 which was fuel injected , mine is the carbureted 3.0 V6 version Which was the largest engine available.