My 1983 Ford Capri

Just wanted to show my car off and see what you guys think about it. It’s a 1983 Capri Mk III and it has a 2,3 Liter v6 engine.

Here it is:

Nice Capri!!! :smiley: This is mine a '75 3.0 Ghia Manual :slight_smile: … g.html?o=8 … g.html?o=6

I like these old Capri’s. I have no idea why, especially given they were built by Ford/Mercury. Still they’re not bad looking cars!

Welcome to the Capri clubs, capri owners on automation since 2011 :smiley:
viewtopic.php?f=21&t=159 theres mine! Thats 4 capri owners on here, not bad!

Great car!

This Ford was built in Spain (my country).

[quote=“vmo”]Great car!

This Ford was built in Spain (my country).[/quote]

It was actually built in West Germany. Before the east and west united :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the lines. Very nice.