My 92 Honda Civic

I have a 92 Civic (not hatchback) :laughing: but i was planing on doing some upgrades does anybody know of any exhaust kits that are cheap because im on a budget, or any other things I can do to get more power out of it?

Exaust, Airfilter replacement/induction kit and an remap will get you started :slight_smile:

K thanks. I will look into working on that my little 102 HP car is so gutless.

Take it to a muffler shop and you can get a cheap exhaust made for it. probably around 300-500 bucks from cats to exit (depending on material and including a muffler like a magnaflow). cats would be your next big challenge you can get one thats a lot lighter and will probably promote a little more air flow. you can find a no-tune K&N CAI for about 200 bucks likely at autozone. And like Biotech says, remap it.

Depending on what motor it has (by the 102hp part you said) I take it, that it has a d-ninja in it. Best bang for buck would be to pull the current motor out, and drop a b16a or a b18c in.

i had a 94 coupe, seemed to go Ok but i live in the UK and insurance is a bummer on anything big. but defo go for a B series engine if you can get one cheap enough. otherwise boost the D series and it will go pretty well for you.

I had the d15b7 in mine. It was a JDM engine which is pretty good.