My automation keeps crashing while loading (4.24 beta)

So, ever since the original game, I have loved this game, had to uninstall it because of my external hard drive dying, then I’m back in after getting a new hard drive, installed the openbeta, then while it loads to bring me into the game, it crashes, i also have evidence to show, also, if it’s the normal game, it doesn’t crash, i always get a bugsplat report as well, can you please help?

Evidence: Bug - YouTube

You’re not the only one, who’s game crashes for no reason. Recently, my game started crashing when re-exporting some old rebuilt cars. When this happened last time, I had to rebuild the entire car and then it finally exported. But now it happens again for other car and even after the crash, the game doesn’t even throw out the report window. Like, does the game not like my cars or sumthin’?