My car is entierly ded

I was designing a nicely stupid 1000hp full carbon supercar, and after 2-3 hours, I’ve got a bugsplat.
After this, the game keep doing a bugsplat every time I try to load this car.
@Chickenbiscuit tried to load it with the export file and he got a bugsplat too
Donger - (34.7 KB)

This is so sad, I liked it oof.

I’m just tilted for this night, but I’ll do another one later, I just report the problem because it would be even sadder if it happened again haha.

PS: I can load it on photo mod.


Thanks for posting! Good looker for sure :slight_smile: @zeussy should have a look at it.

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Same thing is happening to me… I just finished adding stuff to my car e.g. headlights, then choose the speed settings then after I click the next arrow the game crashes, so basically same problem this person is having

Similar thing happened to me too.When I was at photo mode and the game suddenly crashed.And after that the car trim I was taking photos loses all fixtures.Luckily I remember how to remade the car cuz I put hours on it and have a better result.Still kinda frustrated though.All my hardwork suddenly disappeared.