My car loses grip

In beamng drive my car starts to drift and it loses grip. How do I prevent this?

Well, you can start by sharing more info…

Bigger rear tyres, less power, less weight up front.

It happens with every car that has over 500 horsepower, so I don’t know what I can specify

you need to show us things like your gearing (if its straight line wheel spin) or your steering setup (if its uncontrollable oversteer)

the game usually warns you if your tune has excess lack of control due to either of these above things

Soften and lengthen your suspension in the rear. When it’s over 500 horsepower, the tyres are fairly stressed to begin with so when the suspension is too firm, the forces of turning overwhelm the rear pretty quickly.

Easy way to solve this.
Use a wing on the back. Done.

Use several

power, gearing, tire compound, down force settings, suspension settings, weight distribution… you, could pretty much specify all or some of the things that affect grip. You could also either provide screenshots of the relevant automation graphs and stats or even share your car.

Could also be your pushing your car beyond what the wheels can take (full throttle while turning, no wonder why it loses grip). Being power the only information you provided, 500hp is not that much, most likely you have uncontrollable oversteer, a extreme/bad/weird suspension set up, or your driving your car like an arcade game, expecting it to control like it is on rails.

The grip graphs in Automation doesn’t translate directly into BeamNg.
They use very different settings/values when calculating grip.

Make two extra versions of Your car, one with terminal oversteer, and the other with extreme understeer.
Then you export all three, under different trims, and try to feel what works and what doesn’t.

Write down the differences and try to see what settings in Automation gives the best grip in BeamNg.


I’ve actually started doing that not too long ago. That’s exactly what real-life car manufacturers do. They create multiple prototypes (today, mostly in a simulator to reduce costs, but also with live vehicles) with different “settings” to test different configurations. The configuration that works best, moves on to the pre-production phase, and then finally production.

McLaren used Ultima GT-Rs to test components for the McLaren F1 as well as the MP4-12C.