My Cars

My first car was a gift from my grandmother for graduating high school early, its a 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible. 5.0 Liter V8, AOD. Fully loaded power everything w/ white leather interior and white convertible top. It’s a “7-UP”
special edition and also a 25th anniversary edition. One of 4103 made and one of 6 in my state. No mods aside from BBK shorty headers, 3 inch pipe w/cats and Flowmaster 40’s.

My other car is a 1962 Ford Falcon 2dr. Was originally a straight six/3spd car, now it has a 302 block from a 86 mustang, forged pistons, B-cam, Ported E7TE heads, Weiand highrise intake, Edelbrock 550 carb. Trans is a old C4 I yanked out of a trashed F-150 with a Hurst Pro-matic 2 shift kit and the rear end is a 9-inch with a 3.90 rear gear.

Great rides you’ve got there!

I wouldn’t mind driving one of those, but it’s quite impossible around here.
That’s mainly because of the ridiculous fuel prices here in Holland.

Anyway…keep 'em rolling, and my compliments ofcourse.

The mustang isn’t too bad, I can manage about 18 mpg around town and nearly 30 on the highway if I have the windows and the top up. The Falcon on the other hand gets about 12 mpg if I drive like a grandpa which I’m incapable of. So I usually get about 8-9 mpg, I hit the gas station a lot too because the tank is only 10 gallons.

Absolutely gorgeous falcon!

Thanks, she’s a bit more rough than she looks in the pictures but its no big deal. I beat on it hard so even if it wasn’t too rough before it would be by now :slight_smile:

Thanks, she’s a bit rougher than she looks in the pictures but it’s no big deal. Absolutely gorgeous falcon!