My cars


I’ll just get straight on it and start with my Beemer.

This certainly is my pride and joy.
It’s an E36 328i -95 which is my daily driver during the summer.
The only plans I have with this car is to convert it to run on E85 and burn rubber.
And then over to the car I’m using during this winter.

It’s my Volvo S40 2.0T Phase II.
Not much to say about this car except that it gets me to work every morning.
Oh yeah, If I’m keeping this car after the winter it will be the car that I will use when I learn to remap ecu’s.
Currently running on 0.65BAR of turbopressure and I’ll aim at 1.0-1.2BAR.

And then there’s my project.

And It’s a Bmw E30 320i -87 which I bought from my brother half-done.
Chinese exhaust manifold.
Garrett T3/T4 turbo (copy).
Bmw 535 injectors.
Nuke fuelrail.
Cat cams camshaft.
Bosch 044 fuelpump.
Prosport wideband.
Ridiculously big intercooler.
3" homemade downpipe and a quite modified 3" exhaust from a MK3 Supra.

Well that’s all for me… :slight_smile: