My cars

Hello everyone,

I’ve pre-ordered the game this morning and I’ve already spent a bunch of times playing with it !

Some pics of my rides. My preferred one is my unstoppable old 320/6. Great driving pleasure guaranted with true 70’s driving sensations.

Chrysler 300C 3.0L CRD MY06

Jaguar XKR 4.0L SC MY01

Jaguar XKR 4.2L SC MY05

BMW E21 320/6 MY80

BMW E46 320i Touring MY02

Can I have one of your XKR’s? :wink:

I really love the E21. My father used to have a 320/6 too. I hope to buy one of that sooner or later.
Enjoy that jewel :wink:

The 320/6 is a fantastic youngtimer, from an era where BMW built car solid as rock… The only real weak point is the rust as steel was not as resistant in the 70’s than nowadays.

The cockpit is in a nearly new state, it’s amazing for a 34 years old car :

I’m living very close to an area named “Les Cevennes”. This place is famous because lots of rally championships takes place here.
You can imagine how great it is to drive the 320/6 on these little roads with 6L roaring :smiley: (an example of what looks like Cevennes roads : )

nice cars. that bmw looks very clean ^^

That BMW is absurd clean on the inside… jesus christ!

I love you. You have two Jags.