My Citroën DS3 sport

Figured I had to make a post here sooner rather than later, and thought I’d might as well do it here.

This is my current car. A 2012 Citroën DS3 1.6 HDi sport (yes i know… a diesel :astonished: )

The main reason for why I bought this was because I needed a car thats cheaper to maintain now that I’m a student.
So I kinda felt I was downgrading a lot when I sold my old Audi S4 4.2 for this, but ever since I bought it it’s grown on me. And with roughly 145hp and 340nm in this small thing it sure is fun to drive it on smaller roads with lots of corners and bends.
It also looks (imo) really cool.

Nice looking DS3 mate!
And you shouldn’t be embarrased because of being it a diesel, they are just as good as the petrol versions.
Okay…the sound of those engines is still as dull as it gets, but the performance is at least satisfactory.

And it’s indeed a downgrade compared to your old S4, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice something.
A shame that it had to go, but a guy has to remain realistic about it.
Especially if you’re a student ofcourse. :wink:

Anyway…keep enjoying this car , she’s worth it! :mrgreen:

Yeah, and considering all the fun i get even in this car, with just a fraction of the costs in both insurance, fuel and maintenance, it’s not to bad.
I mean, it could have been far worse. Like a 1.1 saxo or first gen. C3.
But it’s still not as fun to drive as the DS3r, which two of my former colleagues bought. Had a go in one of them, and man… that thing would have outrun my S4 easily.