My Citroen Saxo

Here is my Citroen Saxo, the first car I bought and I am slowly upgrading a bit with new sound system, wheels etc. because it’s my hobby to work on cars.

When I first bought it

After I started working on it:

Yellow headlights (traditionally French look-a-like):

Spring wash-n-shine:

New rims and tires (originally Peugeot 205 GTi, but newly primed and coated matte black with citroen logo):

I also put new speakers in the front and a new radio, because the old speakers were broke and kind of crap crackling. The old radio was radio/tapeplayer so I definetly had to swap that out for CD/USB.
Front wheels have completely new braking system. The engine got new sparkplugs and I fixed a leak in the radiator. Poured in new oil as regular maintenance I do.

To do:

  • Speakers in the back
  • Maybe some Angel eyes headlights
  • New doorpins, gearknob and handbrakegrip
  • Center console to lean on and put stuff in
  • Some other stuff I cant remember right now
  • Fixing old rims to use as winter exchange pieces