My Clio Williams Rebuild Thread

Hello! Here I’m going to post some pics of my car as i’m rebuilding it. For those who don’t know(I suppose there must be few) a Clio Williams was a limited edition, created by Renault, based on the Clio 16S, often known as Valver, to celebrate the F1 championship victory by Williams-Renault team.
This car has got 150 bhp, with a semi-modifed 2.0 engine.
This is the one:

This is mine! Obviously, the previous owners never took car of this car, known as one of the best hot haches ever…shame on them :laughing:

As you can see, the car is full of rust, so it will be tough to get it all clean…maybe in two or three years I have this baby ready to hit the streets! :smiley:

Looks like a big project and an awesome car, good luck!

I like these. They’re subtle, they look good as standard. They’re not one of my favourite cars ever, but I appreciate what they are. I think I shed a tear when I went to my local scrapyard a few months back and saw one rotting away on the racks. :frowning: