My collection of ludicrously powerful motors

Mad Scientist Project 1 16.3L V12 Twin Turbo: 3773hp @ 7600rpm and 3015ft-lb @ 5400rpm with a 7700rpm redline.

Next to come, will be V8 Flatplane and Crossplane motors.


MSP2 Project 2 10.9L Flatplane V8 Twin Turbo: 3191hp @ 7700rpm and 2266ft-lb @ 7000rpm with a 7700rpm redline.

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MSP3 Project 3 10.9L Crossplane V8 Twin Turbo: 3175hp @ 7700rpm and 2264ft-lb @ 6900rpm with a 7700rpm redline.

My V6, I6, and I4’s still needs some updating and the I3 hasn’t been built yet.

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I see metal sculptures in the future.


There is one of these every month or so, thinking that he’s the first guy to crack 3k hp and to find out about the quality sliders. There is no use for these engines, for all intents and purposes they are at best a competition between the builders who can get the most power. And in that case, IIRC you’re 3+ hundred hp short


Well shit now i need a Dragster Company XD
also i got 2.5k hp cars incoming

Soooo, I’ve been without Wifi for a while now and still am, currently visiting my mother’s house to fill out job applications online and to update my laptop. Figured I pop in here to see what’s changed, haven’t been working on this project I started due to laptop issues (crashing and freezing during the test phase of the motor builds, apparently some of my motors disagreed with my laptops CPU abilities as it was constantly running very near 100% capacity). I may try again after I update my laptop.

Please don’t.

Decided to abandon the Mad Scientist Projects in favor of building replica cars and engines. Sooo, if a mod could lock this thread, that would be greatly appreciated.


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