My Crazy Engine swap, and introduction!

Hi! First off, this is my first post on this forum so I’d like to introduce myself!
My name is Anthony, I am a former Mechanic [4 Years] and current Commercial/Industrial Electrician. [7 Years]
I’ve been a motorhead since I can remember, huge Ford guy but I love all cars really. I love the idea of having the same goal of power, but a million different ways to get to it.

But anyway, Being a Ford guy, I hate mustangs. I go to car shows all the time and that’s the only thing you ever see. I had an old SHO once, and it was just stupid fast for it’s time. I got a grandma car 2000 Taurus, it was a good ride, but it was slow.

So with my prior knowledge, I built a hot rod of the new age.

I updated it’s outdated look with new grills, projectors, even a cowl hood…

^That’s also my Tbird, with the insane image of a 5.0 Coyote swap in the near future…

Whatcha think? I haven’t had it entered in any car shows yet, but I’ve gotten a ton of positive reviews so far when people see this in person. And of course the “Why did you do this to a Taurus?” “You could of put that thing in a Mustang”… Hopefully later this year it will be in some car shows.

Thanks for reading!

Is that a 3.2 sho v6? Or did you manage to cram a 3.7 cyclone in there?

Its a Yammerhammer 3.2, this thing revs to 7500 (nodded can do 9k) and even has secondaries that sing at 4k. Drive one, it becomes an addiction!

Think there’s room in there for the yam-olvo 4.4 v8?

Mmm… Very nice. I always liked those Yamaha SHO engines.

Nice, I currently drive a '94 with the 3.0 Yamaha.

Welcome to the forums. I’m also a big Ford guy, but I have to warn you, I do have a Mustang (Only RWD, MT, 5.0 V8 option in 2013). I love what you did to the Taurus though. My dad has a Marauder and I love the ideas of sleepers. I’m a muscle car guy before pony cars and I’d love to watch you destroy some tuned ricers with that puppy. If I’m not mistaken, your plates look similar to SC and I’m in VA, so nice to see someone else from the region.