My Dodge W200

This is my nice baby:)
I Just love it to Hit it on the dirty woods in here:)
I Live in Holland so there are no mountains only small woods, they are verry open so you can pull the shit out off you car:)
In my city we have a place full of sand an little hills, i was from the army to train there but you it is a public spot.

You can get you car on it. And whit my baby… YOU MUST DO IT!

I hope you like this feeling as mutch as I do:)

(From Holland)

Very nice truck.

What kind of engine does it have?

I like your front bumper, I have bars kinda like that on my truck. I should take some pictures and post them.

That looks evil, in a good way

That looks really nice, extremely clean. gotta love a dodge :sunglasses: I have a 96 2500 with the Cummins turbo diesel that I love.

mmmmm BIG TRUCK!

love it!