My Engines

Hey all I am just going to upload what engines I have created so far they are based on real engines although they are based with Magnesium instead of period correct alloys but its the best I could do haha
1971 Lincoln Continental MkIIIRev0.lua (21.9 KB)
1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28Rev0.lua (23.5 KB)
04 Ferrari F430Rev0.lua (26.6 KB)

More Engines I have made ALOT
2000 Saleen V8Rev0.lua (24.4 KB)
1998 BMW M5Rev0.lua (24.5 KB)
1973 Ferrari 308Rev0.lua (25.3 KB)

here comes you guessed it MORE ENGINES :smiley:
Dodge Challenger V8Rev0.lua (21.9 KB)
Caparo T1 V8Rev0.lua (28.9 KB)
BMW M635CSiRev0.lua (24.2 KB)

here comes even more
Light Car Company Yamaha EngineRev0.lua (30.7 KB)
Ford Mustang Boss 302Rev0.lua (22.9 KB)
Fiat 500Rev0.lua (22.2 KB)

here we go again!

For the Mad Max Ford V8 okay guys
Scarab F1 OffenhauserRev0.lua (22.9 KB)
Mercedes-benz SLS 6.2L V8Rev0.lua (25.1 KB)
Mad Max V8Rev0.lua (27 KB)