My first car. The Delta SR2

4.0 Litre Turbocharged V8 flatplane, producing 784 HP @ 7500 RPMs to a 7speed Double Clutch Gearbox.
0-62 in 2.8 Seconds, with a top speed of 225.3 MPH

Looks good so far, now lets see some costs, dyno sheet, and the 5 main stats.

How do you find the cost?

Well there’s man hours and costs for the engine and chassis material is a decent indication of platform cost, also the 5 main stats include comfort and prestige which can indicate the level of interior quality and refinement.

Post pictures of your engine and cars stats from their respective designers. :slight_smile:

Apparently I can only upload 3 at a time, so here.

next 3

Damn, that thing looks sleek! Well done!

Amazingly designed car! Great work, chap :slight_smile: