My Ford Focus RS305

Hi, i’m Stefan from Geesthacht near Hamburg (Germany)

my new ride since 09/2013:

Ford Focus RS (2009)
305 bhp
colour: ultimate green metalic

Changes: 3’’ MTB Exhaust (catback), Prins LPG System, K&N Airfilter,

Very nice, how does it fare on LPG?

fuel costs the half of petrol (LPG in germany 65ct up to 81ct // Super+ 1.58 Euro - 1,70 Euro per litres).
fitting the lpg system costs around 2500 Euro.

I don’t really like you Stefan. :cry: I don’t like anybody who as a car I really really want badly.
only joking
enjoy your green machine and look after it.
im turning green myself now, haha.