My honda

Not sure if you guys will give me comments about it not beign a car.

But to h*ll with it im posting my weekend transport anyways.
Its a 70cc Honda Four stroke bike its smal but nifty I can get about 75 km/h out of it.
Which is a bit elligal indeed, but I drive responsibally so im of no harm to anyone.

It is not the most pretty of the bunch but that’s because it was my main transport up to the age of 18.
In The last 5 years since I was 16 I have also managed to slide out of a few corners due to my overexcitement.
Had a mayor accident with it and repaired it afterwards about a year ago.

I’m in the process of getting my motorcycle licence learning for the theoretic stuf now such as the rules of the road.

¡Nice bike!