My JZA70 :D

Hey everyone, signed up and going to pre order as soon as funds are available - the reason i dont have any funds for a pre order at the moment is becasue ive been buying Real life parts for this:

I Currently Own a 1991 JZA70 Targa Top:

currently im just working on it to sorta restore it - replacing old parts - upgrading if needed sorta thing - apart from the wheels and a wank off valve its completley factory which i like :smiley:

Cheers Guys!


Wank off valve! never heard that name for them, love it! :laughing:

Very nice looking Supra :slight_smile:

very nice! Almost bought one of these a few years ago :slight_smile:

Cheers guys :smiley:

yeah im not a fan of blow off valves - they just scream “HEY OFFICER THIS GUY IS A STREET RACING YOUTH! GET HIM!” and serve no real pupose other than the “look at me!” factor - will be ripping it out and getting a nice plumb back BOV when i can afford a good one so it still does its job but isint audible :stuck_out_tongue:

i should also retract the “stock” item as well - i forgot to mention that on a local trackday i found out that the speedcut didint do shit even as i was pushing 220kmh - quizzing the previous owner turned up he had put in a HKS Fuel\Boostcut and Speedcut Defender’s in the bloody thing - so that was a nice suprise!

Super nice MKIII Supra! One of my good friends has a white '89 Tubro.