My little black sportscar

In the fall last year I suddenly found myself without a working car. So rushed onto the used cars sites looking for everything interesting or if it couldn’t be interesting then it should be dirt cheap to run. One of the early favorites was a 306 GTi having had a good experience with my 405.
I might have considered another e30 if I had found a cheap, solid 325i.
On the completely other side I considered some 90s diesels. Although technically an 107/Aygo/C1 would have been cheaper, but those are just too bland and I would lost the chance to mock my coworker that have Aygo.

So some of the beta testers here where giving me suggestions on what car to get, and Adam_d remarked that he wouldn’t even suggest Toyotas since he knew I didn’t like them.
Now, I don’t dislike Toyotas, I dislike moderne boring Toyotas (which imo is almost everything they have made after 1995 :stuck_out_tongue: ). So to prove that put I made a quick search for what is my favorite Toyota, at least if you don’t counting early 70s Celicas and other unrealistic stuff.

What I found was a black 1989 MR2 AW11 that looked quite clean and was in same town as where I work. A few days later I went to see it and bought it on the spot.

So what’s it like. Well it’s surprisingly quiet, maybe because my e30 was lacking a bit sound insulation. It’s quite low geared which helps the eager but not particularly powerful engine, but 3200 rpm at 100 km/h is a bit more than what I would prefer. I hope to do a 6 speed swap in future for that very reason.
The engine does have a nice change in note at 4.5k rpm which help the eager fell of the engine.
In regards to the driving dynamics the car have strong lift-off oversteer characteristics, again I’m used to an e30 which is also known for snap-oversteer.
The front is very light and it makes the steering almost feel power assisted, I don’t think a quicker rack would hurt it though.
Finally the fuel economy is way more speed sensitive than the e30. It gets well into the 14s km/l (7.1 l/100km, 39 mpg (imp), 32 mpg(US) ) when driven nicely, but driving a bit faster on the motorway can make it drop into the 12s km/l (I’m sure it will go much lower as well).

Oh my god man, I love the AW11 MR2! She looks fine as anything! How much did you pay for her, and where did you found her?

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I paid ~4300 EUR (Danish car prices are generally high) for it and I found it online in a town just a few km away from where I work.

How much do you have to pay for an opel ampera?

An Opel Ampera in Denmark starts at 648100 DKK which is ~86800 EUR (~120k USD, ~71k GBP)

Over 86 000 €??? oh…
im staying far away from your country
i mean i thought finland was insane because for example an ampera costs like nearly 50k€
holy hell

In the UK, prices start from £28 750 or 35k EUR

I have no idea why it’s so cheap in the UK…

We do get a rebate from the government here if you buy an electric car. But if you think that’s cheap, you should see what the Chevy Volt version starts at in it’s home country. They also get a rebate in the US, meaning the Volt starts at 26685 dollars, or about £16k.

Back on topic, definitely the correct choice of car, and I do look forward to seeing progress with the 6 speed swap and any other changes that will happen. :slight_smile:

I mean i thought of buying an electric because im selling my two coupes (chrysler crossfire and honda cr-z) but the only electrics they sell here are ampera, volt, mitsubishi imiev, citroen c-zero, tesla s and the nissan leaf. I could bring an i3 from germany though. And it would cost me about the same as an ampera, and well. Which one is better lets be honest here.

How it looks today after a good clean.

Nice man! Looks good!

Is it a common car for your area? You might be able to hunt down a 4age or supercharged engine if you ever want more oomph (granted legality), would be pretty fun to drive around hills I would imagine( almost like a mid mounted mx-5)

MR2’s are pretty cool little cars. And it’s black! :slight_smile:

Junny, I believe the car isnt common in Denmark… plus, Hills in Denmark?! Dont think so haha!

It’s far from common, but it’s not super rare either (depends on your definition of rare though :wink: ), It already have a second gen 16 valve 4A-GE. The 20 valve version is a common swap but in Denmark you run into tax and MOT problems with it. While I haven’t driven an 4A-GZE supercharged car, I would think that the supercharger takes away some of the eagerness which is the best bit about the engine.

Besides I don’t want more power, I want a proper gearbox so I can accelerate without having to rev to the moon just stay at constant speed on the motorway. :wink:

Hills… yea, I live in the flat part of a flat country so not many hills. But the mid-engined nature means that I’m always a bit more conscious of not going too fast into corners than I was with the e30 I had before. I would think the MX-5 are more aligned with the e30 in that regard.

Easier and much cheaper to change final drive instead of gearbox?

A 6 speed is much better than taller final drive :wink: