My "Max Realism" Automation Youtube - [NEW Video: 1984 German Executive Sedan]

Hello all! I am kicking off a new YouTube channel everywhere I can to gauge if there is interest in creating realistic cars in Automation. Most YouTubers, when they do mess around with Automation, often make fun stream cars, but not very realistic ones. This channel is about making accurate vehicles for a specific time and place. Please leave any comments or suggestions for the next video either here or on YouTube. Thanks.

NEWEST VIDEO: The 1984 Komissar 265 E

Video Archive: The 1974 Earl Ponderosa


I’ll check out the video in my next YouTube binge, hahaha!!!


Watched & subscribed. Awesome job sir! Looking forward to the next installment! The detail work is absolutely incredible. :star_struck:


This is probably the most informative and detailed Automation video I’ve ever watched. I really appreciate how you explain design decisions and create custom details like the front fenders. Very good video, keep it up :slight_smile:


Watched and subscribed, and left a comment on YouTube. I’ll admit, it was a mighty fine looking station wagon.

As for cars I’d like to see done realistically, I suppose I could leave a small list in no particular order, and with no particular demand. If they come up, that’s great. If they don’t, no big deal.

You mentioned an 80’s German Executive in the video, and that’s one I’d enjoy seeing.

A 90’s cheap Japanese Compact wouldn’t be a bad idea, given the popularity of cars like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

Possibly a realistic take on a 60’s American Muscle car, instead of the usual ‘Muscle car, but we put a V12 or V16 in it, because more is better’ that I typically see on YouTube.

Something late 2000’s to 2010’s crossover / small SUV might also be interesting.

Again, no real order, absolutely no pressure, just ideas for vehicles. (And, yeah, they’re all vehicles I have more than just a little difficulty with designing. I’m good with most 70’s or 80’s designs, but it’s not too hard to design a box… When things start getting round, I start having trouble.)


The first two are my favorite suggestions - and as for that land yacht, it’s a great start to your realism-based car build video series.

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Watched it, enjoyed it and learnt why the new 3D fixture stuff was worth the implementation time!

I enjoyed the commentary, would love to see more conversation on how to achieve certain “looks” via fixture placement, and laughed at the fixture spam whenever you hit stuff in Beam.NG, hahaha!!!


The patience you put on the fender tips is about how much I put in an entire car.


My second video is up, this time about a 1980s German sedan - link in OP. Please leave comments and suggestions here or on YouTube!


Actually, Audis (except for the small ones like 50, A3, TT) is longitudinal FWD (or AWD). But that’s not very important in this case and the video seems interesting. Actually, you can’t make a realistic 80s FWD Audi clone in Automation if it has not changed very lately because longitudinal FWD can’t be combined with torsion beam rear suspension. :confused:

Seen the video now and…yup, it feels similar to my 1985 Mercedes 230E in many ways. :joy:

My suggestion for next video is 70s Australian muscle car.