My ride

Here tis, nothing special but hey it was my first car and has a special place in my heart.
Work done is limited, Koni adjustable shocks all around and Eibach springs, and of course the wider wheels for some more grip.
On the list of things to do are converting the rear drums to disks and replacing the fronts with FTO GPX brakes…

Spot the difference…

Errrrmmmmm… different background? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I managed to spot new brakes.

Looks good Wipster :slight_smile:

You painted the calipers?

You can clearly see that discs are larger.

Yeah, I noticed that now. Thats what I get for doing other things while browsing forums…

FTO Brakes?

Yea, first post gave it away I guess with plans harhar anyway they feel good.
Second hand and weren’t used for a little while so the rear disks (converted from drums) are wearing a little bit of rust off. One slightly more then the other so poss need to service the piston no worries.
Activation point is miles further down the pedal so new master is the next thing, but I guess that’s a long bleed job introducing air right at the top :slight_smile: