My Shocking New Ride (HAR HAR HAR...)

  • Goes to dealership to get oil changed on Optima PHEV
  • Gets email on the way there from Kia reminding of upcoming lease end on said Optima PHEV, and to consider end of lease options
  • Wanders over to sales lot to look at what might possibly make me not just buy the Optima at the end of the lease
  • Drives off the lot in this instead:

My wife and I had talked about going fully electric for a while, since we really loved how the Optima drove on battery, and the whole “not buying gas” thing. I figured the only thing that would make me not buy out the Optima at lease-end would be a Niro EV, but it would also have to be a really good bargain.

Well, my local dealer had 3 leftover 2019 EX Premiums (fully loaded) left in stock, partially thanks to COVID shutting down dealerships for several months. And the bargain they had on it, well… Irresistible.


Man, this thread really gave me a jolt! Kia are making substantial oscillations in the electric car market plus they’re so easy to convert to from petrol or diesel options; no need to go back and forth between ICE and electric, just one direct current to follow!

I’m glad you decided to step up and transform your daily into a ICE free reality. Now you’ll need to take charge, amp up the AC/DC on the stereo and make a circuit of your home town; time to shock the locals into transforming their reality by living in an electric dream!!!

Always be together, living in Electric Dreams…


So tracking fuel consumption on a pure EV is quite different from anything with an internal combustion engine. Had to rework my sheet to track it, and since I don’t have “fill ups” per se anymore, I will now be tracking mileage and energy usage for an entire month at a time.

August’s calculation is in, brief as it may be as we’ve had the car for only 9 days.

262.4 miles, 4.2 mi/kWhr average consumption, 62.48 kW used. My PUD charges 10.34 cents per kW. Total cost to power the car that distance: $6.46.

It costs about $45 to put enough gas in my Santa Fe to go that far. :joy: