My Thanks to you all

I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank everybody for their well wishes in this time of mourning.

Automation has become an escape for myself, as I suffer from PTSD and the recent death of my brother I’m so grateful of what has been created here.

To the Devs, the modders, the forum moderators and the beta testers From the bottom of my heart I love what you do and I love the product and appreciate the time and frustrations that you must go through to create Automation.

So to everybody Thank you.


and i would like to thank you for being an awesome part of this community :smiley:


I hope you’re feeling better now, and thanks for being the guy that one aussie guy on the forum. That one guy badass guy. Thanks from all of us to you for just being you and all the smiles, frowns, and laughs you’ve given and shared with us.