My three babies

Here are a few pics of my two machines, both i love and im actually looking to add a 3rd car to the mix as well.

So here we go…

1st up is my daily drive, the 1994 HSV VR ClubSport, 5 spd manual 5.0L V8, Limited Slip Diff, IRS, plenty of grunt (even compared to todays standards the bottom end is pretty scary). Well enough Jibber Jabber…

And 2nd up, probably the most fun car ive driven ever, small, light and a big V8 up the front… My 1970 Holden LC Torana GTR… currently a 3 spd auto but very soon the 4 spd manual will be sitting back inside her where it belongs, and thats sitting behind a Holden 308 V8 with a mild cam, twin pipe exaust either side of a 60L drop tank.

shh i know i look stupid, 3 bloody shots and thats the best one?

So thats my show and tell, im now hoping to add THIS to the garage!!!

2006 - 2007 HSV VE GTS - 6.0 L V8, 6 Spd Manual, Magnetic Ride control, all the usual touches inside, and that red / black interior… red leather, black … stuff… forgot what its called lol…

Well thats it for me! Look forward to seeing more show and tells here :smiley:

Here are a few pics of my new Car

2007 Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) VE GTS…

3 More images

And the last three

i love the new looks angry.
in the uk its a vauxhall vxr8
but im a ford man anyway i dont like gm rubbish(only joking) :smiley:

Fight lads fight! :smiley:

HA HA HA, Good to see the Ford / Holden (GM) rivalry is the same over there in the UK as it is here is Australia.

And yeah, the Vauxhall VXR8 is based off this model, however i think its more closely related to the VE HSV ClubSport R8 here in Australia, which is one level down from the GTS… not much difference really between GTS and ClubSport in the 1st series, the GTS got the Magnetic Ride Control (can stiffen the suspension with a button) and also the ability to turn traction control off (OHH YEAH)

Stupid traction control :stuck_out_tongue:

That Holden LC Torana GTR is a great looking car. I can only imagine how fun it is.

Yeah, what use is Traction Control Anyway?

Cheers Monkey - Its a great little car, very VERY loud, and a tonne of fun to drive, no power steering, no electric windows, has the little quarter triangle windows in the front which are ace, has 4/80 Aircon too!!! (btw thats 4 windows down… (well 2 windows and the rear pop out windows open), 80 kph :stuck_out_tongue:). Really feels like your actually driving… you feel the road through the wheel, no ABS so braking is fun, and a V8 powering a car that was built for a inline 6 lol.


Things like that little orange car make me so jealous of Australia.

Heh… the orange car make me jealous as well But so does the red HSV. :smiley:

Hey nice cars. I have magnetic ride control in my Cadillac and it is great. I can’t wait to see the new Chevy SS that is based off the Commodore.