My Youtube Videos

Hey there! This off-topic topic is to share my Youtube videos. They are generally about car games, although there are a few reality videos. I am constantly uploading so feel free to check out my channel and subsribe! (Channel: christopherloads) The first videos I will upload are the reality videos, recorded with my old phone (Samsung Galaxy Mini)… sorry about the quality. 1st video: LOL I … 1lV3gWnl2I

2nd uploaod and share: LOL II … XcNigPUa_A

3rd video: LOL III … lHVPf_TAW8

My next Youtube video to be shared with you, is about my brother (you may know him, CheesemanGT) does something silly. Here it is:

Enjoy! :smiley:

The following videos (two videos in this post) are pretty much the same and, in my opinion, are a load of rubbish… their pointless! haha :smiley: Here they are:

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The next videos are to do with gaming: this one is about Gran Turismo 5… it’s not my best video, but it will do. Here we go:

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Aah… now time for games about my fav sport (I can’t actually do it) F1. The videos in this post are about the 2012 game. I, weirdly, gave up on the videos for this game, but videos of random order of the next game are still to come. Here they are:

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Now you’re probably thinking, “why hasn’t he just put all of the videos in one post?”, well funnily enough, as I started this post I though that aswell… let’s just stick to the tradition. The next videos follow the F1 theme but now of the current year. As the game was released 17 days ago, I thought I might get a few more views… NO, never mind.
Here come the vids:

BTW, tomorrow (22nd), I will upload the next F1 2013 video, INDIA SPECIAL.

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Next the F1 2013 videos… the most recent one was uploaded TODAY :stuck_out_tongue: Please subscribe. Here they are:

Next up… the newest addition to the list, the F1 2013 Classic Edition game (actually classic part of the game). Here we have it:

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Buy Fraps.

Indeed… you won’t get any views as long as you don’t give potential viewers a reason to watch and keep watching. There is very little value to be found in them so far, neither technically, nor content wise. YouTube has so much high-quality content to compete with… it’s not easy, but if you want to try to compete then you have to work harder than this.

Next vid is about an annoying decoration as Christmas draws in :smiley: I won’t spoil it for you so you’ll have to watch it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why would I want to buy something that costs 27 euros if I have got a perfectly decent screen recording system, and it was free!

I’m not sure how many of you guys have Rigs Of Rods, at least one of you has, I know that for a fact. It is a fast lap of my circuit on my own terrain. If any of you guys on this forum also have Rigs Of Rods it is a good idea to watch this video as you can get through this circuit real quick.

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Next is a more sporty video, related to scooter riding. I rode my Oxelo scooter, sometimes tandem, cost me just under 60 euros and it is great. The ride on it is better than any other scooter I have ridden before, thanks to the massive wheels. If you want to know what the patio outside my house looks like (I doubt you do), it is in the video… her it is:

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Oh, and I’ll have you know I have fun making my videos… it’s not so much about the competition, it’s more about the joy, which you don’t see. Obviously.

You’ve probably heard of Cleverbot… if you haven’t check my video out!